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How to Thoroughly Prepare for Pre-Sale Carpet Cleaning


Moving out of a rental is a simple process that starts with putting in your 30-day notice, but the process of selling a home that you own is considerably more complex. If you rush the process, you could miss out on maximizing the selling price by not presenting a home in great condition. It is important to make sure your home and all the major features are in working condition. But you will also want to focus on cleanliness because a dirty home makes it tough to attract buyers. Scheduling everything that you do while getting ready to sell your property is an essential step, including taking care of several things around the house before you get carpet cleaning.

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Four Things You Should Know Before Your Next Carpet Purchase


Carpet is a beautiful floor covering that can feel quite luxurious. Eventually, like any other floor covering, it will wear out and you will need to purchase new carpeting. Unfortunately, many people don't fully understand how to buy and maintain carpets in order to get the maximum life and enjoyment out of them. This can result in carpeting that looks dull and lifeless only a couple of years after installation.

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