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Fast and Easy Carpet Repair in Fishers, Indiana

We Fix Holes, Stains & Tears

Ripples Are for Water, Not Your Carpet

Wrinkles in your carpet are never fun. They are typically the result of installation failure or heavy traffic. Smith-Mathis excels at carpet stretching and repair. Our technician will flatten any ripples and will rescue your carpet. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification recognizes us as professionals, making us a certified firm. We would love the opportunity for our professionals to revitalize your carpet and get rid of any ripples on your floor.

Rips, Holes, and Burns – Oh My

Are you tired of Pinterest failing you for ideas on carpet repair? If so, let Smith-Mathis lift your burden and patch up any hole or rip in your floor. Burns do not scare us. We may not be able to blow freezing water out of our mouths like Superman, but we can repair any burns or tears in your carpet. Don't let the damage get you down. If you are in Fishers, Indiana, talk with one of our consultants to schedule an appointment. They are available at 317-842-7398.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

If you want your carpet to maintain its aesthetic value and cleanliness, then you should want it to be cared for and repaired by the best. This will not only restore its value, but also help prevent future damage. No matter the stain, tear, burn, or ripple, Smith-Mathis will save your floor. Take our advice and contact our team. Our associates are eagerly waiting to hear from you.