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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Fishers, Indiana

Professional Services We Offer in Indianapolis

No Stain and a Lot to Gain

A clean home can brighten anyone's day. When you're tired after a long day, unwanted stains and odors do not aid in your relaxation. There are the bloodstains from children's scraped knees in the hallway, the coffee stain from running around getting ready, or the accident that your loving pet left for you while you were gone. Smith-Mathis is your best friend when it comes to cleaning those stubborn splotches.

Let our professional team of cleaners brighten your day with clean and fresh carpet. We would love to assist you in all your floor needs. Give us a call today at 317-842-7398.

Cure All-Natural or Synthetic Stains

We are prepared and equipped to handle any type of stain – even wine. Having specific treatments for both synthetic and natural stains not only broadens our opportunities but also assures our customers that we are the best in the business. Unfortunately, most cleaning companies do not treat wine stains due to their lack of expertise and proper cleaning agents. At Smith-Mathis, we use the best cleaning agents and have the most experience.

We will work with you to figure out if the stain is natural or synthetic. Once we determine the type, we will implement the perfect techniques and cleaning agents that are appropriate for your stain. We have been developing our system for years. Trust us. Let us help you. Make an appointment today and your floors will be like new when we are done.