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Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fishers

Washing & Stain Removal for Businesses

Many businesses do not think to invest in carpet cleaning until the carpet becomes noticeably dirty. If you sneeze, get headaches and exhibit other signs of allergic irritation, your customers are suffering, too. Bacteria and allergens can become trapped in your carpeting far before it looks dirty and causes discomfort for everybody breathing in the air. You can combat this by hiring professional carpet cleaners such as Smith-Mathis Inc. to clean the flooring in your Fishers office. We offer specialized services for commercial clients, and we take pride in providing businesses with a clean and healthy environment to serve customers in.

Washing & Stain Removal for Businesses

There are a number of reasons to call your carpet cleaners and invest in a thorough wash. If you are wondering why you need to have your carpets regularly serviced, consider the following:

  • Flooring in commercial areas is subject to heavy traffic.
  • Spills and stains are liable to cause damage.
  • Dirty carpets leave a poor impression on customers.
  • A clean carpet imparts an image of professionalism.

We aim to empower businesses with the sharp image and clean look that customers are drawn to. If you are thinking about investing in cleaning, call us today!

Serving Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

When it comes to presenting an inviting image to customers, the appearance of your building is one of the most important elements. Your clientele will notice if your carpets are unclean, and they aren’t very likely to appreciate it. Smith-Mathis Inc. can help you make a good impression with commercial carpet cleaning and carpet repair. We serve businesses throughout the Fishers and Indianapolis areas by providing thorough carpet cleaning services. To schedule a consultation, you can reach out to us at 317-842-7398.